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Contact us today to add a Portie as your Newest Family Member                  email us today at:

                    or call     ~~ 931-256-0446 ~~

   There is much information to be found on the internet concerning Portuguese Water Dogs. 
   I strongly advise anyone interested in purchasing a puppy to take some time and educate 
   yourself about the breed. 

  Word of Caution
   Keep toilet seats down, shower doors shut, and water bowls put away. You will be amazed
   at how quickly these will become sources of water sport!                                                                                                                Our Breeding foundation were imported, DNA tested, CERF tested, Optigen 
   tested and Rated A Normal/Clear to insure that all of their offspring will be Optigen A 
   as well. Our Porties are $2500.00+ and come with AKC Registration. All puppies will 
   be registered with the prefix Sunkissed prior to the puppies name. 

           **Spring Litter Due March 2018** Check out our Available puppies on our Abvailable Page.**